Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP)

Djure Jaksica 6/II floor, Belgrade

Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) is an independent research centre dedicated to advancing security of the citizens and society they live in on the basis of democratic principles and respect for human rights. In the midst of the Centre's interest are all policies aimed at the improvement of human, national, regional, European, and global security.

BCSP supports consolidation of security sector reform and integration of Western Balkan countries into the Euro Atlantic community through,

  • research;
  • analysis and policy recommendations;
  • advocacy;
  • education;
  • publishing;
  • expert support to reforms, and
  • networking of all relevant actors. 

Specifically, BCSP probes into the dynamics and achievements of reform of Serbia's state apparatus of force, as well as problems of placing this sector under democratic civilian control and oversight.

Many of the Centre's activities are directed at research, and concerned with raising the stakeholders' awareness of the needs and prospects for integrating Serbia in the processes of regional and global security cooperation.

Participant work packages