Department of Political Science, Comenius University


The Department of Political Science was founded in September 1990 as the first politics department in the country after the Velvet Revolution. The first head of the department was Prof. M. Kusý, who, after two decades of political persecution, returned to the university. Prof. Kusý’s personal authority and international acclaim laid good foundations for a new department when no graduates of political science were available in Slovakia. In the twenty-five years of its existence, the department has succeeded in laying good foundations for high-quality teaching and research in a field that is still one of the youngest social sciences. Given its faculty’s wide involvement in research activities at home and abroad, membership in international political studies associations and publications in prominent domestic and international indexed peer reviewed journals, the Department is a leading centre of political studies including in the fields of comparative politics, international relations and EU studies.


Professor at the Department of Political Science

PhD researcher at the Department of Political Science