Bojan Elek

Researcher at BCSP

He graduated journalism at the Faculty of Political Science and completed his Master degree in International Relations and European Studies at the Central European University in Budapest. He is a member of the BCSP team since October 2013 and he is engaged in the activities of the coalition prEUgovor (monitoring the implementation of policies related to chapters 23 and 24), as well as in projects in the field of regional security cooperation. He is a member of the project team Improving EU Capabilities for Peace Building (EU-CIVCAP), a three-year long project lead by the University of Bristol, supported through Horizon 2020 programme. Before joining the BCSP, Elek volunteered in civil society organizations and participated in the European Commission project in which he was engaged in making a documentary on European perspective of Kosovo. During his studies, he spent a year in professional training at George Mason University in the USA, as a scholar of the Open Society Institute. He has a background in journalism, and also was a member of the PR team of Faculty of Political Science. He is especially interested in research in the fields of EU enlargement, ethnic conflict, peace building and post-conflict societies.

Selected publications