Chiara Loschi

Post-doc junior researcher

Chiara Loschi has a PhD in Political Science and International Relations (University of Turin, Italy). Her research interests focus on democratisation and decentralization promotion in the Arab World. She has conducted fieldwork in Libya in 2010 (Tripoli) and in Tunisia from 2013. Her doctoral research focuses on the unintended consequences of external intervention in local policy making by the analysis of waste management and developmental policies in Tunisia. She holds a MA in Cultural Anthropology and she has strong qualitative research skills. She has been grant holder at the IRMC (Tunisia) in 2014 and at Yale University in the frame of Governance and Local Development program in 2015.


Selected publications

  • with Turki Yassine, 2017, “Chantiers de Reconstruction Politique en Comparaison: la ‘Décentralisation’ en Période Post-Révolutionnaire en Tunisie et Libye.” Année du Maghreb Special Issue ‘Décentralisation’, ed. Aude Signoles, Jean-Philippe Bras. 17(1): 23–40.
  • with Volpi Frédéric and Merone Fabio, 2016, “Local (R)evolutions in Tunisia (2011-2014): reconstructing authority in the municipalities.” Middle East Journal 70(3): 365–81
  • 2012, “Women’s Political participation to the Libyan revolution. A first analysis.” Mediterranean Observatory, 4, 2012, Paralleli Euromediterranean Institute of the North West, 4–7. Available here.