Kari Margrethe Osland

Senior Research Fellow and Head of Research Group on Peace and Conflict Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

+ 47 415 19 543

Dr Kari M. Osland is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Research Group on Peace and Conflict at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). Her main fields of specialisation are international police reform in particular and security sector reform in general, peace- and statebuilding, war crimes, evaluation and measuring of peace operations, political analysis of the Balkans and the changing character of war. Osland holds a PhD from the University of Oslo, where she looked at degree of positive change by comparing international police intervention in five post-conflict countries over five years. She was co-editor of the Scandinavian journal Internasjonal Politikk. She has done extensive fieldwork in Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, South Sudan, Sudan, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro.

Selected publications

  • Osland, Kari Margrethe, 2014: Much Ado About Nothing? The impact of international assistance to police reform in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and South Sudan. A Comparative Case Study and Developing a Model for Evaluating Democratic Policing. Oslo: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo/Akademika publishing, pp. 519
  • Osland, Kari M., Graham Thompson & Andreas Vogt, 2007: Joint Donor Security Sector Needs Assessment (JDSSNA). An independent assessment of the future involvement of the Joint Donor Team in security sector reform in Southern Sudan. NUPI Report: Security in Practice, No 1, Oslo: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
  • Osland, Kari M., 2005: The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic. In: Ramet, Sabrina P. & Vjeran Pavlakovic (eds): Serbia since 1989. Politics and Society under Milosevic and After. Seattle: University of Washington Press, pp. 227—251
  • Osland, Kari Margrethe, 2004: The EU Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In: Bono, Giovanna & Ståle Ulriksen (eds): The EU, Crisis Management and Peace Support Operations. Special Issue of Journal of International Peacekeeping, Vol 11, No 3, pp. 544– 560
  • Osland, Kari M., 2001: Nasjonenes eller integrasjonens seier? Sikkerhetspolitiske utfordringer på Balkan. In: Internasjonal Politikk. Vol 59, No 3, Oslo: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, pp. 395—418