Roger Mac Ginty

Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies

+44 1289 386684

Roger Mac Ginty is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, and the Department of Politics, University of Manchester. He works on peacebuilding, especially the interaction (or lack of it) between local and international actors. He edits the journal Peacebuilding (along with Oliver Richmond) and is working on a project on peacekeeping data.

Selected publications

  • R. Mac Ginty ed. (2014) Sage Major Work on Peacebuilding, Four volumes. London: Sage.
  • R. Mac Ginty ed. (2013) Handbook on Peacebuilding, Routledge.
  • R. Mac Ginty (2011) International Peacebuilding and Local Resistance: Hybrid forms of peace, Palgrave.
  • R. Mac Ginty (2015) ‘Where is the local?’, Third World Quarterly, Online first.
  • R. Mac Ginty (2014) ‘Everyday Peace: Bottom-up and local agency in conflict-affected societies’, Security Dialogue 45(6): 548-64.