Dissemination and impact (WP2)

  • To ensure cohesion and consistency of project deliverables within the EUNPACK Consortium and to provide project visibility by means of newsletters; website; social media; project branding and general assembly meeting;
  • To ensure the widest possible impact and dissemination of project results among all major stakeholders and key target groups by means of specialist activities ‘Research meets policy’; ‘Research meets academia’; ‘Research meets people’
  • To encourage policy exchange and debate between key stakeholders, to close the gap between policy, practice and research; and to initiate policy revisions to make EU governance approach more effective, legitimate and compatible with other international and regional policy initiatives
D 2.01: A dissemination and impact plan and project branding toolkit
D 2.02: Project website, press packages, press releases, Op-Eds, blogs, tweets
D 2.03: Quarterly newsletters
D 2.05: Research meets policy
D 2.06: ‘Research meets academia’: organization of EU governance academic conferences
D 2.07: ‘Research meets academia’: elaboration and dissemination of conference proceedings preparation of teaching provisions and organization of university simulations
D 2.08: ‘Research meets people’: press conferences and expert media briefings, TV debates, TV question time and media appearances
D 2.09: ‘Research meets people’: European Café debates